Distances from airports

Interesting points around:

  • Lipizzan Horses (SLO) 50 km
  • Postojna Cave (SLO)  80 km
  • Bled  (SLO)   180 km
  • Grobnik racetrack(CRO) 150 km
  • Venice (ITA)    200 km
  • Gardaland (ITA) 330 km
  • Adria Raceway Race Track (ITA) 260 km
  • Plitvice Lakes National Park (CRO) 290 km
  • Ferrari Museum Modena (ITA) 390 km

Our location

Rage Buggies are produced by Rage Motorsport in UK. Everything is produced in high tech materials and tested in heavy duty off road racing like rally Paris-Dakar etc. We can find Rage Buggys at Race of Champions Events too.